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Our Expertise & Services

We will support you and help your business to prepare for the future. Here are some, but not all of our services;

Offering expert advice on GST & compliance as well as GST filing. We give you the peace of mind that your GST is correct and filed on time.

Bank Reconciliation
Ensuring your bank reconciliation is coded correctly and accurately. Being up to date helps you to make informed business decisions and assists with cashflow.

Accounts Receivable
We offer clear and consistent sales invoicing. Providing monthly statements, payment reminders, continued communication and processes for debtors. Reducing the number of unpaid invoices and getting paid faster will improve your cashflow.

Accounts Payable
We offer accurate data entry, ensuring all bills are prioritised correctly and paid on time. Putting processes in place to save you time and maintain approval. Small businesses like to focus on bringing the money in and often the processing and payment of bills can quickly get out of control. Having a good accounts payable system can save you time with the added benefit of keeping your suppliers happy and avoiding late penalties.

Cash Flow and Budget Preparation
Helping to manage payments week to week, assisting with planning for annual closedowns and annual leave. This is necessary for business continuity planning and loan/subsidy applications.

Xero Training and Setup
As Xero experts, Foundations 4 Business Limited offers training to help you with effective use of your Xero. Teaching you how to detect and correct errors. Setting up reports to best help with financial management decisions. We can tailor the training to your business, enabling you to get the most out of your Xero.

Offering Payroll Solutions with a wealth of experience in a variety of payroll software systems. Secure in the knowledge of employment law, ensuring your staff are paid accurately and on time.

Our Experience,
Skills & Expertise.
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This is our priority here at Foundations 4 Business Limited. Hi, I’m Hayley, the owner operator. Small business is in my DNA and I have a passion for helping others with their financial administration.

I understand firsthand that owning a business is hard work – it can be both challenging and rewarding. As small business owners, we often try to do everything ourselves, rather than getting a professional to complete the job.

We understand that being constantly bogged down with compliance and financial administration steals time away from what you enjoy doing most and can stifle the success and growth of your business.

Here at Foundations 4 Business Limited, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable, accurate and timely financial administration.


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Plan to Market
Knowing how your business is positioned financially at any given time without waiting for your annual set of financials can help you to react to market demands and opportunities.

Market to Growth
Free up your time so you can get back to growing your income. Give me a call to discuss your needs and requirements, together we will find a solution.